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Sunday, October 11, 2009

finally got a class set up

It has been so long since I have had time to blog! I miss it! Over summer we have experienced so much, some good, some great, but truthfully quite a bit was hard to bear. Thankfully, after some humbling of my heart and through many tears and prayers, life seems to be getting back on track. God is listening, answering, and sometimes putting me back into my "waiting room" so He can work on refining me some more. Refining hurts, but it always serves to bring Him glory and is better for us in the end.

A new pet came into our lives last month. We got a 6-month old black lab/beagle mix named Callie. This happened after both Countess and Teddy Bear died within a month of each other. She is super smart, super sweet, but is a big lug of sorts, a little baby trapped in a big body. Training her is...well...interesting. She is pretty destructive with her non-stop chewing, has a tendency to jump/scratch, and is SUCH a scaredy cat! :) We'll keep working with her and maybe I'll post some photos soon. She'll be a good, loyal dog if we ever survive the first year. Her heart is tender towards us and she bonded with us instantly. I just need some good training techniques and loads of PATIENCE with her. It's like raising a baby again...a BIG one!

I have wanted to hold crafting classes since last year but something always comes up. Well, our church secretary asked me about them and so I decided to hold one at our church. It will be on November 7 at 10 AM at CBC. Please come if you can. Its $5 each and we'll learn how to melt, scent, color, and mold glycerin soaps. Deadline to sign up and pay is October 25.

That's all for now.