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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Start your own preschool right in your home!

  So here it is, my dream...one day, I hope to be able to open my own in-home preschool. Not a daycare, mind you, but a preschool. I currently teach in a local daycare. Starting this Friday, I will move out of my current position as a helper in the two's and three's, and into the four's and five's as their preschool teacher. I love my job; I love the kids; the staff is super and the director is a godly woman who tries to keep all of us happy at work. Even still, I dream of my own place. Not a center atmosphere, not to compete with local day cares, nothing big,  just me in my own little classroom, teaching a small group of children godly values and kindergarten readiness. So when I finally finish my ECE degree, that is my eventual goal. This may be years away but it's fun to dream. :)

   In between taking my college classes I also take training from a bubbly, enthusiastic preschool owner/teacher named Joy Anderson. She is the one who introduced me to the idea of working from home as a preschool teacher. I love to watch her videos and see the ideas she has. She is a wealth of information. She is also very business-savvy, bringing in a wonderful income. She just opened her second preschool, with plans to add a kindergarten class next year.

   Feel free to check out her info. You can get a session from her for free and see how easy this job can be. I can't wait until I graduate from college and can get my preschool started! If you are wanting to work from home, or be home with your kids, this might be just the opportunity for you.

I want to find out how to start my own preschool at home