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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Elvis has left the building....or bathroom makeover

Well, no more "Elvis" bathroom. This old bathroom was a source of many good-natured jokes since moving into our blue cottage on October of last year. The old wallpaper featured really bold, big red-centered daisies on a black background. The tub is red with a black toilet and sink, and the cabinets were a dingy white with paneling set into the doors. From day one, I knew this bath didn't mesh with my tastes. Working around the red and black color scheme seemed to yield only Asian-inspired decor ideas, until I saw a French/Parisian bath using those same colors. It was tasteful, elegant, feminine, gorgeous. I decided to copy it the best I could. The only thing we didn't do is to tea-stain the walls. One, I was afraid of messing up that technique, and two, we already had a pretty paint color left over from our kitchen that needed to be used.

Here are photos of the bath when we bought the house:

 The wallpaper is going, going, gone....

walls painted with "Tea Stained" by Better Homes and Gardens and flooring begun

new flooring done and it looks amazing!

working with the colors we can't change....

Lots of Parisian-themed finds at our local Goodwill

canvas baskets at Walmart, only $4.97

Shower curtain less than $10 at Dollar General

Lamp at Dollar General, total cost $12

Metal shelf from Goodwill, $2 and random prints found locally

Got to keep my nifty leg lamp (its fragile afterall, and hey, kind of looks like a French can-can girl)

added some memory foam accent rugs

extra metal work here and there (cause you can't have too much black metal)

even the dingy paneled cabinet got an overhaul.

I love my new bathroom. Love it, love it! This bathroom was taken over by the men in my home upon moving in, but I can see the girls taking it over real soon.....it has gone from outdated to elegant for little cash. Thanks to my creative husband who takes my ideas and runs withe them. :)