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Monday, April 27, 2009

learning patience through daily trials

Well, if my kids were in public school, I highly doubt what we're doing today would really count as much in the way of academics. I guess sometimes that's okay though. We are learning patience in many ways today.

Nick spent the greater part of the morning reading a novel while Adrian learned to clean old Roman coins. I meanwhile spent the morning grieving that most of my TOS magazine reviews this year had never gone through to the magazine editor. I had emailed them off as my blogs were written, but something somewhere went horribly wrong and she never received them all. So before I could even work with the children on any formal schooling, I had to set things right there. Good thing I keep lots of educational CD-ROMs on hand, and lots of paperback books to use for independent study!
Fixing that small error didn't take long, but it took patience on my part, and on the parts of my boys as they awaited my help with their work.

Nick moved from his novel into working with me to tentatively plan his 4-year high school education. We are going toward credits to prepare him for college. Whew, high school at home might cost one as much as private school, if it weren't for used curriculum sites. Sciences with labs...hundreds of dollars; higher level math on DVD for the mathematically challenged teacher-mom...also way up there. If you are a genius and don't need everything spelled out for you, you can teach your child fairly cheaply. Likewise, if you scour the internet and used books sales, you can rack up a few points there also. But if you can't find what you need used or, like me, must rely heavily on computer or DVD learning to do high school at home, this could cost an arm and a leg! However, I look at it as a challenge and a chance to get creative in my shopping. :) I will not be defeated!!!
Nick got slightly impatient looking through the stack of curriculum catalogs for potential elective courses he'd like, but I steered him back on course with a short lecture, ;) and now he seems to be enjoying the idea of taking some additional art, literature, and photography classes.

Adrian's bag of Roman coins, supposedly 2,000 years old, came off Ebay. We are not so much interested in the dollar value of these little dirt-caked bronze pieces but in their historical value. We have spent the morning soaking them in olive oil, then soapy water, then rubbing lightly with baking soda. Rinse, repeat. And again. Finally, out of twelve coins, one is beginning to show some nice detail. This will certainly take patience.

Lunch is late today, just like everything else. I am trying to use my new microwave's "grill" feature to cook a steak. Stomaches are growling. More patience needed.

Its funny how God teaches us lessons in the small stuff.

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