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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Teaching Tree brand posters

The brand of educational items found at many Dollar tree stores is Teaching Tree. I enjoy these inexpensive aids to our schooling.

My favorite Teaching Tree item is probably the posters. They sometimes come two to a pack for only $1. What's so cool about them is on the back of these particular posters, you get 4 different reproducible worksheets! How awesome is that?!

I got my oldest son an elements poster pack. This is some of what the backs include:

At only .50 a poster with 4 worksheets too-- what a bargain!



xhardcandy said...

Wow. My local dollar tree does not seem to have these posters either... by chance if you can get a hold of an extra package or two please let me know. :) I'm a middle school science teacher myself.

Valecha Chandran said...

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