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Friday, July 10, 2009

craft updates

Double Bubble Happy Skin Foaming Whipped Bath Butter

Sweetened, flavored lip balms make great party favors in many flavors kids and adults love

Popsicle-shaped glycerin soaps are fun

For all you Edward and Jacob fans, these lotions are my interpretation of each character's scent

Bottlecap jewelry is very popular with kids right now
I have held crafting classes in my home and at churches. I have attended camps where I was involved in crafts. I have always enjoyed working with crafts in our homeschooling and with our group. In VBS, I have become one of the craft station leaders. Does it sound like I like crafting a bit too much? This is me at TN TECH 4-H Line and Design Camp

A lady at a soap-making class I taught for an FCE club gave me an idea months ago when she suggested how well it would go over at children's parties if I came in and taught a one-hour crafts class. It would free mom up a bit. Take some pressure off the parents to entertain. Give the children a creative outlet while ensuring they each have a nice party favor to take home (how many of those tiny yo-yo's and bouncy balls end up in the bottom of the toy box after only minutes of bringing the goody bags home?).

I liked the idea a lot, rolled it around in my head for a bit, and then promptly forgot it. I was needing to bring in some additional cash flow and had been trying to find some children to keep. I have experience in that arena too, and figured it was a sure-fire job. All of my energy was invested into this, from rearranging the house to passing out flyers. I even had a schedule and handbook ready and conducted a few interviews. For months I've had nibbles but nothing solid. In hard economic times when many have lost jobs already, I am finding more and more that parents who once used daycare services are getting creative when it comes to their childcare options. I have noticed a few daycares who always stayed full suddenly have openings.

I became temporarily distressed. I had a few custom orders coming in from my Etsy stores but nothing huge. Then I went to 4-H camp where another teacher there pointed out that I was the "crafting party lady" to some of the children. I had forgotten all about doing parties! I so enjoy crafting, but even more so I enjoy teaching others to craft. I am no expert mind you, but my love and passion for my hobby spill over enthusiastically to others.With this in mind (and considering most of my life I have spent with children in some capacity), I am going to try this route as a side-line job. I could offer to come over to a local party and teach a craft from a list of kid-friendly possibilities for as little as $5 per child plus gas. I really think this would go over well, considering the crafts would be higher-quality than your typical camp or VBS type crafts.

Once I think on which activities would be best I'll post them here.I still have plans to do my weekly craft classes for ages 8-adult (see previous blog entries for list of potential classes). So watch for all this action soon!



4-H Line and Design Camp 2nd year
I had the priviledge of teaching at 4-H Line and Design camp again this year. Last year I taught about 60 girls how to make lip balms, soaps, and sugar scrubs (MESSY!).

This year the committee chose to have me teach bottlecap jewelry.

I had 4 classes with a total of 80 young ladies who all love crafting!

I couldn't have asked for a better group.
They were polite, attentive, and overall VERY creative.

It is a always a great experience for me.

Can't wait 'til next year.


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