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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's Autumn at the Foster house

 Well, autumn is here and appears to be a fun-filled month from the looks of my calendar. My daughter and sister's birthdays, school pictures, homework, field trips to the Pumpkin Patch, our first ever "Three Sisters Do Pinterest" Party....just lots going on.

 I have really enjoyed our Autumn weather. I love fall; it is by far, my favorite season. October days make me smile. My family has been enjoying playing some badminton each night now that the humid days are over. And even the dogs are happy walking in this cooler weather. The air smells crisper and fresher. I like the slight chill that hangs over us at dusk and the golden sunshine we have all day long. The pecans have started dropping off our tree, and we are just waiting for the leaves to change colors so we can do my son's senior photo shoot with JBash Photography. It's that time for apple pies, sweaters, and pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins.

October will be hectic for me also with the celebration of my daughter's 9th birthday with a Wizard of Oz Party. I am daily Pinning and adding ideas. I think it will be a lot of fun. I adore themed parties. I hope to get lots of good pictures to post on here. :)

 My friends and fellow Pinners have been making some pretty fall items, such as painted pumpkins and DIY scarves. I've been thinking lately that I wish I had some time to go back and re-open my Etsy stores. Every time I get on there or on Pinterest I see things I could be making and selling, if I only had the time to craft and list the stuff. My husband's shop is also home to my crafting area that he so thoughtfully set up for me when we moved here last October. It's filled with all sorts of supplies, including a lovely Cricut machine, just waiting to be used. Someday I keep telling myself, someday.

The newest thing I'd like to try is a t-shirt scarf. These look so cool. They were made by my friend and co-worker Michelle, and her daughter. Aren't they great?

Another place I wish I could make items for is Teachers Pay Teachers. I think I could learn how to, again, if I just had the time. But I am into my 3rd year of college and most of my classes now are very task-oriented and project-laden, versus just studying for and passing an exam. Those were the good days. *sigh* I was told that in order to pass this semester I will need to complete one project PER WEEK. Bye bye blogging!
Bye bye home-cooked meals. Bye bye family. I could really get down if I thought about it much but I just keep reminding myself that higher education will pay off one day and it will all be worth it. Praying daily for the Lord's mercy and grace to see me and my family through my last two years.

 I still miss homeschooling though. Seems strange to say coming from one who is studying to become a licensed TN teacher! :) I keep thinking my sons got the best of my time when they were little but my daughter got "jipped" some. I do hope that I am able to install a love of learning and a firm footing in the faith in her, despite the fact she doesn't get as much mommy time as the boys did.

 The new church year is about to begin and I am a little overwhelmed. I have desired and felt called to teach a missions class for the two years we've been members, which I am now doing. But I also became involved with the youth on Sundays and Wednesdays. I need God to s-t-r-e-t-c-h my hours so I can accommodate all these good things and still get 5-6 hours of sleep! lol Ya'll ever feel that way? But when we serve Him, He is good to supply our needs. :)

 I have also stayed busy lately gathering donations from lovely Etsy sellers to donate on my other blog, My Preschool Daze. I've given away tool belts, learning games, and key chains all geared towards educators. I have plenty more donations lined up to carry me through the fall, so come on over and check it out. My Preschool Daze
This week's give away is a set of two adorable key chains:

 I've also been blessed with a business opportunity and a way to minister all at once. I have a new online store selling Bibles, homeschool supplies, church supplies, VBS, home decor, jewelry, books, you name it. It's like walking into a Christian bookstore, only minus the walk. ;) Please check it out and spread the word to family and friends and churches for me.

Hope your autumn is golden and radiant!

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