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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Home Business Reunion time: I'm back with Avon and Usborne Books after 17 years

When my oldest was about three and we had just begun our homeschooling adventure, I signed on as an Usborne Books consultant. My goal: to rack up all the free books we could hold for our personal homeschool usage. It worked. I held some shows, Made some cash. Mostly invested it back into books and products. Books and more products. I was happy. *sigh*

Fast forward about 17 years. My family has grown by two more children. All of my children are now double-digits. *sigh* Due to some major unavoidable life changes four years ago, I am now working in the local school system, going to college online with Ashford full-time, and selling Avon (which I love and work very hard at doing well). Why on earth with this busy life would I ever choose to add another direct sales company into my life? Crazy, you say. Maybe. Or maybe this gal has a plan.

 See, here's the thing: I hope I make money selling Usborne and Avon (how nice it would be to be able to work from home! My dream jobs always follow the vision of working out of my house), And I am in college to finish my Early Childhood Education degree. Another possible way to work at home is to open a daycare or preschool. And Usborne fits right in! Whether I sell to make money or sell to earn books for my future career and my own family, it's a win-win!

 I've tried selling so many party plans over the years. So many failed. EPIC failure. maybe I didn't really know how to work them or maybe the products weren't right for my audience. But one thing I know for sure is people come to me and ask me for Avon books, and most people I know want their children to be great readers. How can you go wrong with two respected companies that have trusted products and a good reputation to back them up? YOU CAN'T.

 So there it is...announcing my businesses...Avon and Usborne Books.
 If I can serve you today in either, please let me know via commenting here or by emailing me at craftymomTN@gmail.com.

 To visit my lovely estore sites to see current specials and discounted items go here for Usborne: www.k4217.myubam.com
and here for Avon www.youravon.com/beautifulyouboutique


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