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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little Elves 3rd Annual Workshop

This was the smallest workshop I've ever had, attendance wise, but I think it was the most fun so far. Every year kids from our church, homeschool group, etc. gather at my home to work on making gifts for people. I always charge about $15 and the kids usually come home with 5 completed gifts, ready to wrap. Its not really a money-maker for me, but it benefits me in numerous other ways that make it well worth it: it gives me happy children on which to test craft ideas, I can buy enough supplies to include my own children as well, and hey, its CRAFTING!!! Yay! Need I say more? ;)

This year Oriental Trading threw a glitch in my system when my supply order (sent to them on Dec. 2) didn't arrive on time. In fact, it arrived one day AFTER my class! Ugh! So last minute I had to tally revamp my list of crafts, try to stay on budget, and hope parents were okay with the new crafts. Thanks to a few good friends baling me out by cleaning out their own personal stash of craft supplies and throwing ideas at me, I was able to make it. Donna, who is always saving the day it seems, stuck around to help with the class and I am so glad she did. I got sick during the class and had to take a breather and she jumped right in and took over for me. Thank you all!

We ended up making more than 5 items and in fact, I have some supplies left to possibly offer the class one more time before Christmas. So if you missed out and would like your children to come, email me or call and see how my supplies are going. Perhaps we can still work in a few kiddos over break.

We made a painted glass ball ornament (beautiful!), a lighted snowman "lamp", spiced tea mix, holiday guest soaps, a pampered foot care basket in refreshing peppermint scent, a book marker, picture frame, and a bottle cap necklace. Whew! it took us about 3 hours with drying time but all the kids seemed happy with their crafts. I always enjoy being with them, especially watching the faces of those who are truly excited about it, like me.

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The Moffitt's said...

Hannah said "I loved going to Lynn's with a million - !!!!!!!!!!!
I thought that was cute. We both had a great time and thanks for letting me help out. I love it when Hannah and I can go do something together just the two of us. You did a great job.