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Monday, December 8, 2008

Very busy day

I went to bed very late this morning, about 2:30 AM. I am glad that my Etsy store sales are beginning to perk up but it makes for some late-night custom craft orders. I had to finish some wooden letter plaques for a mom in Washington and some baby ducky soaps for a mom in NY. Then I wanted to piddle a bit so I got out some supplies and made some new items, as well as finishing some that were already in progress. I tried my hand at making a simple charm bracelet, making soap cupcakes with soap frosting, some whipped bath butter, and made some more bathrub jelly. I wish I had more professional packaging and better photos of my goods. Maybe someday...

I learned to make playdough soap and that is pretty neat; I only have to figure out a way to keep it from hardening so I can package it for sell or to give as gifts.

After sleeping in and having completed only two and one half hours of school time this morning (which is actually okay because I worked the kids two extra hours last week knowing this week would be CRAZY!), we went to our homeschool group Christmas party. Lots of fun as always! Thanks to Angela, Debra and Jeremy, and the church at Northside.

From there it was off the the orthodontist to fix a broken spring on Nick's braces, followed by a short jaunt back home to check emails, put the dog back into the fenced area, feed all animals, gather supper for DH, and then gather all my soap making supplies. Had to be at the church by 7 pm to do a class where I had the privilege of teaching some very basic soap-making to a portion of our homeschool group kids and moms. Tomorrow I get to do it again! It is something I enjoy and hope to work into a party-plan program very soon. I think they all had fun; I know I did.

Afterwards I sat with our homeschool co-op's co-director (who are we kidding with this "co" business? She does ALL the work! :) ) to fill out completion certificates for our party on Wednesday.

Back at home by 10-ish to eat a very late supper (Taco Bell), get kids to bed, and write a review for The Old Schoolhouse magazine. Whew! (I would love to hit the kitchen to make that new whipped fluff soap I saw or try those new bottlecap bracelets I have supplies for, or read that homeschooling mag I got in the mail but I physically can't because my eyes are crossing!) Once again it is 2 AM. I am drained! Where did my day go? And I have to start again in the morning. As Scarlet said (and I need to recall more often), "Tomorrow is another day." Some things can wait. 'Night night, ya'll.


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