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Monday, March 9, 2009

SpellQuizzer review

This is a neat computer program. So far, neither of my boys have had much trouble spelling (thankfully). But I will still enjoy using this product to help them review their weekly spelling lists.

It is so simple to use and only took a few minutes to download. You can try it free for 30 days by going to
http://www.spellquizzer.com/ and click on Download Free Trial. To buy SpellQuizzer the cost is only $29.95. You can use it over and over, year after year, with new children and new word lists.

How SpellQuizzer works: the parent begins by entering in the child's weekly spelling word list and then makes audio recordings of the list words (using your own microphone---not a necessity..more on that in a sec). The SpellQuizzer software then quizzes the child, playing each word back to him, checking his spelling as he types in the words. SpellQuizzer corrects him when he types in a word incorrectly, and re-quizzes him on any words he missed once the first pass is completed. Just set up the child's list on Monday, and have him spend no more than five to ten minutes a day letting SpellQuizzer quiz him. By the end of the week he will be ready for his Friday spelling test at school. SpellQuizzer is also ideal for spelling bee preparation and even summer-time review.

SpellQuizzer works well for children who don't like to write and is a fun way to review lists of words.

*Note from Lynn--SpellQuizzer works much better in my opinion if you have a microphone for your computer. Reason being is parents can actually type in each word and then say it in a sentence to use as a clue. When the child plays the game, they will be able to hear the word and clue being spoken aloud. Due to a recent computer virus and the recovery of our system, we didn't have a chance to re-install our microphone. So in our case, SpellQuizzer asked me to type in a clue that the child could read to remind them of the word. As opposed to using the pre-made word lists with built-in playback feature, it just wasn't as effective without hearing the words and clues being spoken. While not a necessity to use SpellQuizzer, I'd certainly make the $10 investment and run to the local Wal-mart and grab one.

I liked reading the tips that pop up when you use the software. One tip was to make silly clues to playback. For example, for the spelling word "pickle", your spoken aloud clue could be "Get that pickle out of you ear!" This would be right up my 9-year old's alley.

Overall, a fun and cost-effective method to getting children prepped for spelling tests and bees. I give it two thumbs up. :)

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