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Thursday, March 5, 2009

review of Artistic Pursuits Senior High level book 1

My oldest son, Nick, is an 8th grader pursuing some early high school credits. One of the latest test products we received is going to be extremely helpful in getting a jump start on that. The product is a complete art curriculum called ARTistic Pursuits. Visit their website at http://www.artisticpursuits.com/ to see their wide variety of complete art curricula.

We were given the first senior high level book called The Elements of Art and Composition. The spiral-bound volume contains enough self-directed art lessons for one full school year. This schedule has a student working on art for about two hours per week.

Each unit is broken down into 4 lessons. The first lesson is always on Building a Visual Vocabulary, followed by lesson 2 on Art Appreciation and Art History. Lessons 3 and 4 always cover Techniques and Application.The book begins with an overview of how to get started. This is written to the student and is very easy to follow.

Nick's first lesson was on the use of space in art. He sat at the kitchen table with his book, paper, and pencils. After reading through the non-threatening one-page lesson he began the first assignment: drawing an outdoor scene with use of both active and non-active spaces in the drawing. After about 45 minutes he was able to not only tell me what he had learned but to show me a very nice sketch he had produced. He also commented on how easy the lesson was to understand and how much he liked it.

The book has some very nice art reproductions in it. I appreciate the fact that Nick can do this on his own and free me up to work with the "littles" at our house.

The back of the book contains two very useful pages: one on how to evaluate the student's work to obtain a letter or number grade, and also how to gain high school credits from this course.

Both senior high volumes only cost $42.95 each. There are volumes for all grade levels each costing $42.95. That's a great price for a year's worth of quality student-led lessons.


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