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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Home for the holidays part 2

Here are some random photos that I don't recall posting yet.

This adorable vanity chair was in Ash's room when we moved in and she wanted to keep it. Reminds of the old Kay's ice cream parlor type chairs. I love it.

Ash's room, when done, will be a hot pink, light pink, and black Parisian theme. This new comforter gives an idea of what it will be like when done. We still have to hang blinds, remove the old curtains, strip the wallpaper, and paint. My cousin had a neat idea to paint the bottom third of the walls black and the tops a light pink with white trim to separate the two colors. I think that sounds lovely without letting the black overpower the walls.

The boys hangout area with the game consoles and futon has become a popular spot for all the kids who visit. 

A close up of Adrian's side of the attic now. Still lacking paint and curtains.

A better view of Adrian's side.

Jarred has been busy landscaping. This is out by the road.

He also painted the former burgundy shutters black which I like a lot better.

This photo shows the previous burgundy shutters and Jarred's new side landscaping with hostas, and some plants he got at Lowes. 

Our little bridge from our old house found a new home in the corner of the landscaping.

Our bedroom is basically done. All we lack is locating some fabric for our little round nightstands and getting our own curtains up. This wallpaper grew on me so it's staying. 


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