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Monday, November 12, 2012

pantry makeover

 I am pretty darn-tootin' excited.

 I had a couple cans of chalkboard paint ready to use somewhere in my new home. Just been saving them for the right place.

 I at first thought about painting Ash's bedroom door with it or using it for a wall in the playroom. But when I saw the old, plain wooden doors on the pantry in our breezeway, it hit me. Why not go all out with my red countertops, black accents, and coffee house-themed kitchen and make the pantry doors into a usable chalkboard (kind of like the "soup of the day" boards you see in restaurants)? My pantry has four huge doors with plenty of room to record our weekly schedule, the shopping list, a menu for the week (for those nights when I can't recall what all we have in the freezer, stomachs are growling, and Little Caesars pizza is looking cheap, easy, and fast), and maybe even a doodle area for my artsy-crafty daughter? So dear hubby went to work removing the doors and painting them.

As you can see from these older photos of the breezeway, the pantry doors (behind the back door) were not the prettiest (but overall, they might just be the best part of the breezeway in its current state. lol). Obviously, we are going to be investing some time and money into the whole area due to a former roof leak, but that's another blog post.

Here is sweetie pie doing yet another project for me...

First he painted on two coats of Krylon spray on chalkboard paint and then trimmed the doors out in a crisp fresh white.


One door on! It actually is a large pantry and I like having that much space. Jarred plans to build some sort of drawers under it to hold potatoes and such. The OCD in me threatens to run wild with my label maker, sorting and labeling the whole thing. As Mrs. Doubtfire says, "What a nicely appointed little cubbie." Or something like that. ;) 

See the little step-stool? This house has  a LOT of cabinets high up on the walls. I am five feet seven inches and I can't reach the top shelf without that step stool. 

Hanging the doors.

Close-up view.

Voila! Our pantry door makeover. Now to make the chalkboard storage jars I found on Pinterest to go into my chalkboard pantry!

It will look really nice when the whole room is remodeled. :)
Thanks Sweetie!


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Milliscent Morgan said...

Wow you have a great idea on designing pantry doors, so creative!