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Saturday, April 27, 2013

My weight loss journey with FASTIN

    I am a mom to three kiddos. Love it! But over the years, as many of us have, I've put on a few *ahem* pounds. I am not the five- foot, seven- inch tall, 117-pound girl I used to be. Now I don't want to be pencil thin, just healthy. But all my plans have been thwarted in the last couple of years by a medicine I have to take to combat horrible hormonal migraines, which sadly, has made me gain eighteen pounds. :(  And the real kicker is this---around the time I began the medicine I learned I have heel spurs and some back and neck problems with arthritis (thank you, genetics).  You can imagine what standing at work most of the day with the heel spurs and that extra eighteen pounds is doing. I don't sleep longer than 5-6 hours at night, most every night, even on sleeping medication, because something, somewhere, begins to ache. Not even middle-aged and I find myself getting up sometimes to sleep upright in the recliner. That in itself sounds like something an eighty-year old would do (my apologies to my sweet senior audience). I am still young and offended that my body doesn't do what I want it to.  I am on a long road to feeling my best and not ending up like other family members whose arthritis became so bad that they became wheel-chair bound.

  Since exercise is a wonderful thing to do daily, God saw fit to move us into town where our dogs have to stay chained in the backyard. And since He knew I would look daily upon their sad little faces and feel compelled to walk them a block or two, that has been my exercise for a while. Every day two strong horses, er, I mean dogs, drag me/walk me/gallop me forcefully one block and back. You'd think that would help my weight loss.... Nada. Zero. Zip.

  From January-February, our staff at the daycare decided to play Biggest Loser. I think only a few people actually lost so I don't feel too bad there with the results. ;) But here's the rub: I banned all colas (at least that weren't zero everything), drank water 'til I could have floated away, and switched most of my foods to healthy ones. Even tried watching portion sizes. Pounds lost at the end=zero!

  I don't know what else to do except try ANOTHER diet pill. And believe me, I've tried quite a few with no results. I read some reviews about Phentermine and I wanted to try it, but it's pricey with the doctor visits and all, and my insurance won't cover it. So after lots of online study, I bought Fastin.


     So I began yesterday and plan to keep a daily, if possible, journal of sorts to see if it really works. I also wrote my current weight on the calendar and a goal I want to reach. I will eat and drink normally as this medicine has been claimed by many to work regardless of diet and exercise. I will continue to walk the horses each day but otherwise doubt there'll be much other exercise in my life.

Day 1: took one pill at breakfast only because many reviewers say 2 pills makes you jittery. Only ate 1 slice of pizza with lunch instead of my usual 2. Did cheat and have a cookie as an afternoon snack. Wasn't terribly hungry again until supper, which was late because I worked late and then we grilled out. I ate a plate of grilled chicken, a roll, and corn and green beans. No bedtime snack either, and I ALWAYS get snacky before bed. Felt really sleepy all day yesterday (which surprised me because most reviewers say you can't sleep at all on this pill). I fell asleep on the couch before 9 pm and slept til 6:30! Wow for me.

Day 2: I just had a bowl of shredded wheat and took the recommended 2 pills. My gosh, my hands are so shaky I can barely type this and my heart is racing. I am wide awake and feel like I could run the block and back with the horses' help. We'll see what this day brings. I am not sure about the jitters though.

Will post again soon,

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