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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The rest of days two and three with FASTIN

   When I signed out yesterday I had just taken the recommended dosage of my new diet pill, Fastin. I had the jitters and could barely type so I decided to chill a bit and see what the day brought. I can tell you...my day brought me nausea and not much more. I stayed just at the "slightly queasy" level of functioning all day, with an occasional spinning head tossed in to boot. I was not completely rendered useless, but just felt kind of crummy all day. I had no desire to eat or drink whatsoever, but forced myself to do a little of both. My usual day of eating is three meals (with dinner being way too big) and at least 3 snacks a day (often unhealthy cravings toward bedtime). I also crave sodas continually. I craved NOTHING on Fastin. Not even water. In fact the thought of food made me feel sick. ....all day. :(  By dinner time I forced myself to eat a small cereal bowl of taco salad. I haven't forced myself to eat in years! I guess that's how it works. I can see where there'd be some really rapid weight loss that way, but my goodness, who wants to take that dangerous route?

   Not one to give up so easily but deciding to tweak the program a bit, I only took 1/2 of a pill with my morning cereal today. MUCH improved. No nausea, no jitters, and only slightly (as in reasonably) hungry (I do confess to eating a slice of chocolate loaf bread with our Sunday school class but I felt full really fast and didn't crave that second piece). Now it's 2 pm and I am about to eat a little lunch. That's a big change for me as typically I'd be hearing my stomach growl by 11 am. Just took a full pill, too, to see if the nausea returns. That way I can plan my dosage before I go to work in the morning. I have no desire to feel queasy in a room full of 3-year olds for 8 hours. ;)

    Again, I'm not really hungry; just kind of snacky. This is do-able. This is great. This was what I hoped for on FASTIN. Nothing dangerous or with horrible side-effects. Just a little help suppressing my appetite so I can gradually lose the weight (and hopefully feel better physically so I can up the exercise).

Wish me luck and I want to hear your comments on diets/medications you've tried,

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