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Monday, May 13, 2013

Diet success (with a temporary hang-up)

    I started Fastin a few weeks ago just to aid me in controlling portion sizes and to fill fuller, faster. And it worked! Not only did I feel feel full and eat less but I craved lots of water (and I usually don't like water a whole whole lot). I have been trying to kick the cola habit for a long time and while on this pill, I drank one cola a day and just didn't feel satisfied without water. The only time I had any issue with this pill was the second day when I tried the recommended morning dosage and had a run-in with the jitters and a queasy stomach that lasted all day. Thankfully that incident was a one-time thing. My total weight lost in the time on the pill was 5 pounds! I wondered though, if this was water-weight, and wanted to go further in my quest for a skinnier me, but I had already run out of pills. I wasn't even taking the daily dosage suggested on the bottle and I ran out pretty fast. Therein lies the double-edged sword of this pill: it's expensive. But if it works, it works. I found out the company that makes Fastin has another pill that is reported to be just as good, if not better, than the regular Fastin, and that is Fastin XR.

      So I ordered a bottle of 45 for less money than the original Fastin (thanks to Ebay) and I start it tomorrow. One more thing about the regular Fastin: during the last 4 days without my diet aid, I immediately felt very very hungry. Like pig-ish. Oink, oink. Nothing filled me up. I was right back to the old portions and not only that, but the urge to snack was overwhelming.

         I was disappointed to see how quickly my body would return to its former ways, but also content knowing that the pills do give me a mind-over-matter advantage in the world of endless appetite and cravings.

  Tomorrow I step into the world of "XR"...keep ya posted.

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