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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sleeping Beauty

So I went to my allergy clinic for a checkup. I have been so hoarse for months that it's becoming hard to talk or call across the playground to my class or even sing at church sometimes. So the point of my checkup was to work on my throat issue. But in the middle of a health questionnaire my doctor asked me if I snore. Moi? Sleeping beauty snore? Ha! I don't snore....I sleep sweetly in a glowing state of dreamy bliss in all my radiant beauty......(yeah, and Prince Charming is on his way in his official government carriage with a a couple of bodyguards to take me to my own personal Taj Mahal). Shoot yes, I snore. I started that annoying mess about six months ago I told the doc. Doctor disagreed with me; he told me I have likely--get this---been snoring for a LOT LONGER. And his reasoning is this--how would I know anyway since I am usually asleep when I snore? You can't argue with that logic. *sigh*  So I have been snoring....quite loudly I admit...and yes Doc, I have been getting drowsy earlier at night, even falling asleep during Andy Griffith reruns....and yes Doc, I do get up to go to the bathroom frequently....and buy sleep aids...and wear an eye mask....and adjust my pillows (one allergenic, one memory foam, a regular one, and a neck/travel pillow because ---one type rarely will work for me all night long)....and I toss a lot...and find myself staring at the clock at odd times when  my eyes should be closed.... and sometimes awaken with headaches...and yes, I even snore myself awake with a snort and gasp (there, I confessed). The sound is so sudden and loud that it often startles me awake and I'm like, "What??? Huh??? What's that??" and I sit up to find my family all grinning at me from around the living room. Embarrassing and annoying. Now I can't even sleep on my back in bed because I feel like I am choking. The idea, doc says, is that he thinks I have sleep apnea and need to undergo a sleep test A*S*A*P. So when June rolls around and others are lying on the beach dozing in the sun, I will spend the night lying in a cozy bed in the hospital with a group of strangers watching me and studying my every move. Should be interesting. I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, if you suspect that you or a loved one might have sleep apnea, here is a link that is helping me. Maybe it will help you as well.


Sleep apnea can be dangerous and causes lots of side issues so don't wait-check it out and if you feel there is a problem take your concerns to your doctor.

Blessings and zzzzzzzz's,


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