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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Second TOS item review

Oh, I can hardly contain my enthusiasm over this one!

Thanks to TOS for sending me a free download of their Schoolhouse Planner. I had been trying to look all over the net, pull together forms, and make my own customized family/homeschool/life in general tracking system. This download came just in time and saved me a fortune in paper and ink (not to mention time searching the net for forms and many headaches!).

It is everything (and so much more) than I have been searching for. This planner is 247 pages long. You can print off as many or as few pages as you need, as you need them, making it highly cost-efficient. In brief, it contains forms not just to organize your homeschool, but all the daily life that is built around it.

You'll get these resources: blank calendars, at least 2 recipes every month, school supply resource lists, famous composers, a timeline of inventions, a kitchen conversions cheat sheet, countries and capitals, states and capitals, periodic table with elements, U.S. Presidents and their wives, a history timeline, wonders of both the ancient and modern world, chore training tips, important U.S. documents, famous artists, homeschooling through high school, report cards, planning sheets, course of study sheets, test grading records, end-of-year evaluation forms, educational objectives, 12-year planning sheets, high school hours tracking log, unschooling log, credit hours record, books read, Bible verse memory records, nature journals, audio/video log, co-op and support group information, housekeeping charts, menu planners, medical records sheets, daily chores, budgeting, Bible reading schedule, prayer request lists, numerous articles on homeschooling from top-authors in the field, pet's health log, gift list, loaned/borrowed list, AND THAT'S NOT ALL!

Personally, I like the ease of use on the navigation screen, and the reference resources make it an encyclopedia-of-sorts. My children will be able to use it for looking up forgotten facts or to learn new ones. I will read the articles and glean knowledge and encouragement from them. The helps for our homeschool group and co-op are an unusual addition that I haven't seen in planners before. The measurements will not only be useful for cooking but in converting my homemade soap recipes as well. There are so many ways this will benefit our lives. I cannot wait to print it, bind it, and begin using it!

I could go on and on and would still leave something out of the review of this wonderful tool. If you are unorganized, or wish you were more so, or if you have too many things to oversee (and not enough sanity left to see to them all properly), you need this book.

The Schoolhouse Planner will definitely help me organize my chaotic life, one page at a time, and I believe it will do the same for you.

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