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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

homeschooling co-ops: gotta love 'em!

We SO enjoy our weekly Wednesday mornings at co-op. My kids like picking their classes each semester and being with someone new as a teacher. I like the fact they are having to sit under another Christian parent's feet and learn to obey someone besides mom! And I like getting to teach classes that my children might not enjoy. Our co-op is also a great way to get the kids into some classes that I might not feel capable of teaching well, such as high school level sciences.

Boy, our little preschool co-op class has really grown. We always have about 17 children, ages 2-5, for two hours. They are getting bored inside and I can't wait to get them back onto the playground to burn off steam! Come on, sunshine!

There is never a typical day at co-op either...coffee pots overflow onto floors...kids swing from trees in the survival skills class...preschoolers escape the room...special guests show up as pirates and teach them how to knots (so they can tie up their siblings later on at home, I'm guessing)...kids taste green eggs and ham...science experiments go awry...its just wild but so much fun.

For the next two days both of my sons get the excitement of day trips to hike, rappel and go caving with their survival class leaders and classmates. I am not sure which they are more excited about--the trips or the fact that we can count is as field trips/school days with no bookwork!

I thank God often for our local homeschool group and co-op. These moms and dads work hard to have so many fun and educational activities for their children. I cannot imagine not being part of it all.


The Moffitt's said...

You had to bring up the coffee didn't you ! lol I can't wait until next sem. to see what kind of classes people will want to teach. Talk to ya latter.

Lynn said...

yea, LOL its crazy but I wouldn't trade it!