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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

Today was nice, although it started out hectic with trying to get to church and Satan throwing small hurdles in front of us all the way. It was refreshing to hear our revival preacher and to see people lifting their hands to worship. Maybe we're not "dead" after all. Maybe we can be revived. Maybe I will soon be revived again.

It was especially nice to get away from the books, the computer, the to-do list and take a walk with the kids and animals in the sun....beautiful spring-like weather (only I saw it at a blur as our newest dog literally dragged me through the neighborhood). I haven't been jerked and yanked like that since we moved here years ago and trained our first dog to leash walk. Whew! I wish I could pay my sweet pastor and wife to jog him around the neighborhood as they go (Kari, if you are reading this, would you like a sweet, mildly stinky jogging partner about 2 days a week? :)).

It has been a blessed week actually. Everyone at home has been pleasant 99% of the time with very few threats from mom; we have had a good balance of busyness and rest; and I spoke with a few trusted friends about issues we were facing that made me very aware God is still there and still merciful. It was as if these conversations had all been planned by Him, as if these friends and I were planned to meet and chat and seek God's will together. I hope I was able to encourage them the way they encouraged me.

Meeting with some other homeschool moms for Bible study was especially nice this week. No one else can quite understand me like another homeschool mom. I needed that time with these women. I so look forward to seeing them again for another hour of study this Tuesday night.

By tomorrow morning, new review deadlines will come and school will be back in swing for another week. Winter is still upon us but soon spring will come. I look forward to more days like we had this weekend, porch-swing-kind-of-days with no hurry, no worry, fellowship, and reconnecting. Our weeks and even our Sundays aren't alway the day of rest we need. Sometimes we just need a little taste of a Mayberry Sunday afternoon.


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The Moffitt's said...

I totally agree! We need days where we can slow down and enjoy life.
Getting together with other moms that know you and love you is the best. I truely enjoyed talking and learning with you guys and I look forward to many more Bible lessons together. I to know that God has a plan and he will lead us if we let him. Hope you all have a great Monday. See you at the Valentine's Party.