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Saturday, May 30, 2009

workboxes...my newest obsession

Okay, so if you've known me any length of time you know how I get carried away over new ideas sometimes. No matter what the idea or craze, I tend to jump in with 150% of myself and give it all I've got, and then burn out on day three. I get so into the visualizing, the planning, writing every idea and detail down on scraps of paper or in my notebook. I think I expend so much energy then that there is none left to make whatever it is I am trying to accomplish actually last.

I hope this time it's different. I think it might be. This program, which I blogged about recently, is called Sue Patrick's workbox system, and the more I read and study, the more ready I am to try it. Many moms, just like me, have found discipline, orgianization, and a smoother school week using these boxes. The kids are said to be as enthralled with finding the surprises inside as on Christmas day.

I thought it might be too good to be true. But it seems to be a very useful and valid organizational and planning method. Many say it works better than checklists, assignment sheets, etc.

My main concern (besides the cash outlay) is space. And how "cute" the system can be made . I don't like ugly things in my school room. I like a pretty, calm, uncluttered room. I couldn't imagine using the system exactly as Sue intended, with 12 plastic boxes per child on shelving. That's 36 boxes for us!

So to save space and money, and yet still retain the visual appeal, I chose to use fellow blogger Jessica's variation. It involves filling up to 12 large ziploc bags/manilla envelopes per child and putting the bags or envelopes inside a Sterilite container. So each child has this clear container with all their items inside. It's hard to describe so let me give you a link to her system instead.

As soon as I set it all up, I'll post photos. This blog also explains this workbox variation very well:

If I were more open to the idea of using the system exactly as written (12 boxes on shelves), I'd at least jazz up the boxes like this creative mom at http://heatherpreckel.blogspot.com/2009/03/workbox-system.html. I love her system! It very pretty and pleasing to my picky eyes. I think her color choices would actually complement my school area. I am jealous.

Anyhoo, the workbox craze has taken off and while other methods usually fizzle out, this one seems to be sticking around with great success. I have seen threads on the FIAR and Well-trained Mind forums, not to mention a few others. A Google search yielded pages of results...I gave up after page 20, when my eyelids were so droopy I could've used toothpicks to prop them up.

I am so curious to see how others are using workboxes. If you have a blog and are trying them, feel free to leave a comment for me. I'd like to know how its going for you.


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Julie said...

i am so with you when it comes to the obsession part!!! following all this chatter on the yahoo group is not the least bit helpful - it makes my obsession worse!!! we just started using the workboxes too and love them!!