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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hardwoods revealed

Thank goodness Jarred was feeling better today. While I worked at daycare, he and Nick pulled up the remaining blue shag carpet from the house. I got to come in to the hardwoods revealed.

The living room floors are in pretty decent shape. A few patches faded or stained here and there but overall not too shabby.

It appears that before the carpet was laid, paint was dropped onto the hardwoods...and tracked from room to room... without a care.

The playroom has tracks all over it.

So does the master bedroom. 
On the plus side though, I kind of developed a weird liking for the task of pulling up all the carpet staples. I'm a bit OCD and for me, the satisfaction of seizing each little nail and wrenching it from the flooring is akin to the obsession I feel when peeling a sunburn....all of it must go and I cannot stop until it's done! Told you it is a little weird. :)

Now onto the dining room. Two layers of linoleum are hiding some worn hardwoods. Maybe someday soon we can get this stuff outta here.

My grandparents used to have this same red brick linoleum. I could live with it better if A) a huge chunk weren't missing B) it matched the adjoining room and C) it was pretty.

The breezeway presents a slight issue as there is still a leak somewhere despite a new roof. Lots of ceiling tiles are falling out. At least we got the nasty indoor/outdoor carpet up off the concrete floor tonight. 

A pile of dirt and insulation tumbled out of the ceiling. We can't fix this room until the leak is no more.

My side by side refridgerator found a home, thanks to my husband and some very nice moving men. It was a tight squeeze all around, from having to remove the breezeway door to taking the baseboard off the kitchen floor just to be able to tightly fit it in it's new home. Poor Jarred--we realized that we hadn't put the drawers in until it was too late and the fridge was already packed in. Since there is a wall beside the door, it wouldn't open all the way. Not sure how Jarred did it but he got all the parts back inside without once yelling, crying, or kicking something. Or having to pull it back out again. Bravo, bravo! :)

Well, it's been a long day as the last week has been. Tomorrow starts a new long day. it's almost 3 am and I'm zonked. 

Catch my ramblings another time,

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