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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Step 2: cleaning and clearing new house

Shelving and fireplace cleaned; baseboards to be washed; leaving this wallpaper alone for now. The fireplace, once cleaned and checked, will be delightful in the winter. I am so excited to live (again) in an older home with a beautiful fireplace.

My cleaning supplies; kitchen is very musty smelling. I am armed and dangerous. Will someday repaint cabinets, doors, and trim work. Can't stand the linoleum so I hope to pull it out asap. Would like to have new cabinet handles eventually or paint them. Curtains must go. Kitchen is tiny but there is a good sized dining room on the other wall and a breezeway from back door leading to garage.

Dining room cleaned and ready. We're keeping the eight-person table. Wallpaper is ok for now but will change it someday. My big dislike is the flooring. There are two layers of linoleum on here that are peeled back in a huge chunk by the kitchen door. There are hardwoods under it all so we hope to strip it off and expose the wood. I hope to get some different dining chairs one day as these are not very comfy. We currently have a decorative fireplace in our living room that will look wonderful in this dining room. We have never had room for a china cabinet until now but we are looking into getting one.

Before the new roof was put on there was a leak and water damage to a few rooms. This breezeway going into kitchen from garage will need new ceiling tiles, new flooring, and new walls. The cabinet on the end will become a pantry and this will become a mudroom with shelving and coat hooks.

Still stripping off the old wallpaper from the attic stairwell and we like the wood walls beneath. Cleaned, shined, with new lighting, and this will look wonderful.

Jarred pulled a muscle chucking the attic carpet out the attic window. 

Mine and Ashleigh's bath. Again, paint is needed on the cabinets. The wallpaper is peeling badly in here so I might be able to get it done over the weekend and paint before moving in. Going with a bright, happy color palette as this bathroom adjoins the playroom (which will be bright hues and polka dots). Washer and dryer hook up are in here but will be changed back to basement.

Getting all the excess furniture out of attic rooms today. This area must be stripped of wallpaper and repainted first due to allergies/asthma the boys have.

Stripping the nasty wallpaper off reveals beautiful wooden walls. We will leave these exposed, cleaned, and sealed.

Nick's side of the attic room minus carpet. 

Not only will this be Adrian's bedroom but we have enough space to put the boy's futon, a coffee table, and TV area up here for a teen crash area between their rooms!

The "Elvis bath" gets a cleaning. Toilets were NASTY! Jarred cleaned them so I wouldn't gag from the layer of SLIME built up in them. Gross! I have no idea how to make this room look masculine until the wallpaper comes out, but it won't get done right away. We must work around the black toilet, red shower, and gilded ornate gold medicine cabinet which is bolted to wall. lol

Another view of the boy's attic space. Under the eaves of the house on Nick's side is an entire room the size of his. Jarred has plans to turn it into a huge walk-in closet/storage area. It is very exciting to see the potential here. :)

I'll add basement photos another day. The basement is unfinished. It has half cement-half dirt floors. Our washer and dryer will go in it. We also plan to add a wood stove for heating and cooking during storms/power outages. Eventually some of the leftover previous owner's furniture will go down there along with a rug remnant, to at least give it a cozier feel and to provide seating in our storm shelter. Our dogs, Callie Roo and Oreo "Cookie" plan to sleep in the basement every night. That's what they told us anyway. ;)

Well, it's lunch time and time to head back to the new house to work. 


Julie Hyder said...

I love it so much! With your craftiness {is that a word}, and pinterest, this place is going to be beautiful! Look at the memories your kids will have! This is so exciting and a wonderful chance to teach your kids valuable lessons in home improvement, budgeting, and prioritizing. Good luck to you all!

Lynn said...

Wish you were here to share ideas. You are also crafty and I sense you too, value older homes. I will take any advice you care to share! :)