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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like home now...

Step 1 of attic: stripping layers of wallpaper

Sailboats under the white paper

behind this plaster area lies an original window and the new roof to the addition Mrs. Womack added. We will cut a new door and finish out the attic for the boy's new walk-in closet.

What a mess!!! Layers of dust and paper cover the room on Nick's side.

A view of the awful mess on the hardwoods near our bedroom.

The attic after first layer was stripped away.

See the painted-on foot prints tracked on the hardwoods in the playroom? :(

A new layer of wallpaper reveals....ballerinas!

Who's gonna clean this mess?

My trusty helpers Alex...


and Nick.

These hardwood photos keep sneaking in. This is the condition of the hall outside our bedroom. So sad.

I doubt this is how we buff the floor honey.

Even Ash gets a job putting Adrian's bed back together.

boy's future loft hang out

Welcome to the jungle. My OCD killed me when we were living like this. 

More chaos.

It's finally coming together.

The living room is nice and cozy now.

More photos to come soon!

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