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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

make your own cocoa butter body kisses

Ladies...this is one delightful way to pamper dry skin. What's that you say? "Its not even fall yet; my skin isn't dry." Well, give it a few months and you'll be wishing you had some of these little gems to slather on that alligator hide (and then you'll thank me for sharing this little secret with you. ). Make some for your honey and give him a little massage by the fireside on a cold January evening and I am sure he'll thank me too. :)

Mix 2 parts cocoa butter (melted) to one part oil of choice (olive is good, Castor is good, but I like sweet almond oil best). Add in a tsp. or so of your favorite skin-safe fragrance oil (optional but makes them nicer and more personal). Mix and pour into tart-shaped candy molds to set. Pop out when hardened and store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.

To use:
drop one into tub to melt OR rub onto damp skin after shower. Let soak into skin for a moment before toweling off. Caution: Tub/shower will be slippery! But you will be soft, glowing, smelling so divine! Remember that these are designed to melt on contact with skin and will melt in the slightest heat. But that's okay and your melted kisses are just as usable.

Choose your scent with the idea that cocoa butter tends to smell like yummy chocolate. Scents like mint, cherries, German chocolate cake, etc. are great! "Chocolate-covered cherries" are my favorite "kisses" to date, followed by "Butter cream Frosting" and "Toasted Marshmallow"...YUM-a-YUM!

Need some bath & body supplies? Just ask and I can order some for you.

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