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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

soaping business goes down the drain

That could be the title of a newspaper headline soon. The FDA is trying to pass new regulations on small soap/cosmetics businesses that would put many farmer's market/hobby sellers/mom and pop businesses out. If this new regulation passes, it is my understanding that all soap/cosmetic businesses would have to pay $2000 a year just to be legal and operate. For myself, that won't happen. I barely sell enough soap to cover my website fees and supplies. But lest you think I am crying out for sales or money, let me say that I have been okay with that knowledge from day 1. A creative person I am; a salesperson I ain't and never have been. Would I like to make extra cash from home doing something I love? Well, SURE! But I knew when I began if I could just start out earning enough to cover my own hobby money and keep homeschooling no. 1 at the same time, would be fine and dandy. So I prayed for the Lord to grow my business only if He knew 1) it would not take me to a new level of insanity 2) or keep me from my family; so far, He has chosen not to grow it much so that tells me He is protecting me from something. He has blessed my husband with a great job and we are taken care of and my piddle money doesn't mean much anyway in the great scheme of things.

But I do feel for those for whom their soaping business is their only livelihood. I know of another homeschooling mom who has a soaping business online, and she has many serious health problems that would prevent her from working outside the home, including battles with cancer. I can't imagine what stronger regulations might do to her company or to the suppliers we all buy from.

I became a consultant for a few other bath/body/cosmetic companies months ago, just to be able to offer a variety of items that are more upscale in their look than my hand-made goods. I know I can fall back on them and really work those businesses and probably make good, so I am still not panicking. But I hate to see others who have no other means lose their income over more govt. intrusion. It's in the name of safety to the public, but it makes me wonder if the big cosmetic companies aren't behind it to wipe out the little people and have more customers to themselves...I feel more "conspiracy theory-ish" the older I get....


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