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Monday, September 22, 2008

Them's fightin' words!

You want to rile up a SAHM mom real quick? Accuse of her of doing nothing all day. And if you say this to her after she's been up all night with a little one, well, you might not walk away with a head...attached anyway.

What did I do today? Well, let's see--it begins right after midnight...I went to bed at 2 am after making two new batches of lye soap (Nutty Autumn Apple and Grapeseed Exfoliating) and a batch of homemade grape jelly (my first time to make it...good stuff). Slept pretty good and awoke at 9 am to the sound of hubby ripping, I mean using packaging tape in the kitchen. Shut the door and tried to return to sleep but it never came back. Got myself and the kids up and while they did their morning chores, I checked emails. Sent out 4 emails to our homeschool group, checked on the cost of allergy drops, and downloaded a freebie for school. Updated Adobe reader. Got the kids started on silent reading while I showered and prayed and enjoyed the quiet of the bathroom. Ate...I think. Threw in a load of clothes. Got the preschooler dressed. Back to the "schoolroom" for a white-board lesson on the Old Testament. Let the kids take an online quiz on the Renaissance. Let them then help me write up a longer test on the Renaissance using their study notes. Used www.easytestmaker.com to make the test. Used the test as a study guide and helped kids work through it.

Then sent the kids out to jump on the trampoline as I called the guitar lesson lady to get this week's homework assignment and the hairstylist to set up appointments. Tossed a frozen dinner and some veggies in the microwave while making a to-do list. Put clothes in dryer. No wait, forgot the fabric softener. *sigh* Tossed them back into the washer, added the softener, and started the rinse cycle again. Finished lunch and tossed them back in dryer. Called kids in to wash up and eat. Let the kids watch a 30 minute Bible show while I labeled bath and body product samples for giveaway, and then we were off to the orthodontist for band adjustments. Ran by the post office to mail out hubby's Ebay and left the clerks with samples.

Back at home started schoolwork again. While oldest used time4learning.com to do math, I set the printer to print out my 75- page Mineral Girlz consultant manual. Glanced at the home party section while middle child began 2 saxon math sheets. Checked on both boys and then went to gather clothing and items from closet for a consignment sale. Tagged multiple items and then came back to couch to work in unit with all three kids. I read aloud from our daily lesson plan and we covered more of the Renaissance, including Italy's city-states, the RCC, and the transition from the middle ages to the Renaissance. The boys copied their spelling words two times each and we were done...5:20 pm. *sigh again*

Kids had free time while I went back to finish the consignment sale labeling. Noticed a sack of clothes I had missed. Oh, they smelled musty. Another load to the washer. Took out the dry load from earlier (wadded). Tried to smooth them down somewhat. Hung them on the appropriate doorknobs for the kids to put away.

Fixed dinner...leftover chicken wraps for all. The boys took Ashleigh to jump again as I tagged more stuff. Crying...an injury...kid down. Nick returned a teary-eyed Ash to me, saying he thought she had broken her little toe. I took a look at "broken toe" (which was red and swelling somewhat) and applied an icepack and did some snuggling. Gave a bit of Tylenol to invalid. Held her until she fell asleep. Put her down to return to tagging, and finally finished it. Yay!

Checked emails to find I made it into the alternates list of writers for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. Good enough.

Cleaned up soap mess from night before and called for boys to do the dishwasher and shower. Awakened Ash to change into jammies and brush teeth since she was sweating anyway, and put her back to bed. Got big boys off to bed and sat down to read up on Mineral Girlz. Dad called home to see how we were. Got back online and found a site called Cafemom...joined it. Got sidetracked by a game that tests your intelligence. Played it for a bit and then began looking over preschool lessons for this week's homeschool co-op. Ash woke up for a drink and snack. Wide awake from her "nap", she watched a Dora video while I blogged. Then finally, one bedtime story later, at 1:14 am, I fell into bed.

Don't tell me SAHMs don't work---"them's fightin' words!!"


The Moffitt's said...

No one ever needs to say "Well what have you done today?" Cause we can give them a list that goes on and on. If our kids went to school and someone else took care of them for 6-8 hours a day what would we do? BREATH AND RELAX! lol
Hang in there.

Lynn said...

Amen sister!