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Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'm so excited!

I have already posted about being signed on as an alternate on TOS mag's homeschool review crew. Technically, as an alternate, I would've thought I wouldn't be allowed to do any reviewing UNLESS someone else backed out. Well, I was way off base there!

I am already reviewing a website called HelpMe2Teach.com and got to give my review of the mag itself this morning. Just for being an alternate I get my blog name out there to other homeschoolers and will receive a free homeschooling with heart tote bag, like the one new subscribers get! For reviewing the mag itself, my subscription will be extended for one more year...FREE!! AND if I ever receive a product to review that I already own, I can GIVE IT AWAY to another homeschooler! That should excite YOU if you are one of my many homeschooling buddies. Who doesn't love FREE?!

Anyway, if this opportunity ever arises again, you might want to jump on it. I think it will take some time, testing and reviewing items and posting my reviews, on top of reading the emails from the other crew members (I had around 128 in one night!!), but it will be rewarding. I hope you'll come back often to read the reviews I write, then visit my TOS crew link to read others' reviews. I hope reading all of our opinions will help you as you sift through the mountain of curriculum available to us!

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