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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tales of Glory Nativity Scene/toy review

Here comes a review for TOS mag!

I was surprised to find an unexpected package on my porch a few days ago. I opened the box to find a nativy scene inside. I soon realized this must be one of the products TOS mag's vendors had sent us to preview. My four-year-old was immediately thrilled and couldn't wait for us to take it out of the package.

Upon closer inspection I realized this was more than just another nativity scene...this was a learning toy, a hands-on dramatic playset to teach the story of Christ's birth.

The set is made of a durable plastic and the characters are just the right size for little hands. There are 18 pieces: baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph; two angels and two shepherds; the stable with a star on top, the manger, a palm tree, a bale of hay for all the hungry animals, three wise men, and of course, a camel, donkey, sheep and ram. It included a little booklet to teach the story and even had a guide sheet to help parents know what stage of understanding and spiritual development a child is in at a particular age, and how to help that child develop further, spiritually.

Today we have another preschooler visiting, and she has also enjoyed playing with it. I like the fact this this nativity won't break and is actually meant to be touched. I have always dreaded putting out my breakable nativity scenes in my home when the children were young, because it meant having to train the children not to touch something about which they were naturally curious. Children are attracted to the little animals and especially the tiny baby Jesus, and this set encourages their curiosity which then leads to being able to share the gospel birth in a way that is easy to understand.

I took a look at the box and found that the toy is a "Tales of Glory" toy. You can find the company online at http://www.one2believe.com/. They have a nice assortment of these sets, everything from the nativity that I received to other Old and New Testament Bible story sets to Proverbs 31 dolls to a resource page where children can read online Bible stories. If you save your "points" from boxes you can earn more free toys from their site. I got three points off my box.

I highly recommend these toys for Christian parents, church and preschool teachers, and anyone who wants to spread the gospel to children and encourage familiarty with the treasure-filled book of God's Word. Don't just read the Word...read it and then PLAY ACT it. What a wonderful, gentle introduction to the Bible or as a reinforcement for lessons already taught.

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