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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I am not expecting but I sure have been feeling the urges to "nest" lately. I cannot stand clutter, and have been going through my kids rooms decluttering *ahem* for them when they're not looking.

I also started going through our winter clothes Saturday, in the heat of the attic, and after an hour of sweating, I decided to bring all the totes down and sort them in the cool living room. This meant dragging heavy and awkward Rubbermaid storage tubs down my extremely high and perilous (read: unsturdy) attic steps. Then hours of sorting and having kids try on clothes, all the while shaking them for fear of spiders lurking in their dark recesses. By about 9 pm I had three mountains in my floor: give-away, wash, return to attic for later wear. It is now Tuesday evening and I JUST got all of the clothes put away. My daughter has been blessed, overly blessed, if you can be so, in little girl's clothing this year. I have already sorted through it and have two boxes to give away. Her closet is FULL to capacity, from the shelf to the floor and I am in fear the rack will buckle and fall if I don't scale it down even more. Her dresser drawers are crammed tight and even her under-the-bed boxes are full!! I am praising the Lord for not only meeting our needs but giving me overflow I can share with others. I hope to share some of it at tomorrow's homeschool co-op. Or else come home to possibly face the little diva's abundantly blessed pop star-type closet lying in tumult. If only she had one of those fabulous spinning remote control closet racks like Hannah Montana....

I am happy to report that Adrian got saved and is preparing to be baptized. He just came with this innocence that has finally convinced me that his little heart is full of belief and is for real , at least as real as he knows to be in front of the Lord. I am thankful and thrilled!


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