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Monday, November 10, 2008

The Missing Link: Found book review

My son and I have been reading a paper back novel called The Missing Link: Found as part of our TOS mag review. The book is a mystery, written from a Biblical view, for teens. It contains none of the anti-God messages so often found in written form today, but rather shows the author's belief in God the Creator, and scientific topics from that slant. What's more amazing is the book was written by a 12-year old homeschool student and her mother.

Daughter and writer Christina, and mom Felice Gerwitz know this book may not appeal to the main stream culture but it sure gives Christian parents a reason to rave. Finally, a story line that is mysterious and thought-provoking while being God-honoring. If you have a child who enjoys scientific theories or is studying the topic of Creation vs. Evolution, this book would make a nice go-along tale.

This book from Media Angels, Inc. is the first in a series of mysteries by the Gerwitz family. From an exciting opening FBI boat chase to an excavation site where the theory of evolution appears to be scientifically confirmed, this book will appeal to teens and parents alike. Follow the Murphy family as they go on one adventure after another, in danger and the unknown, all the while with God by their side.

Homeschool mom, Felice, has literature guides available as well.

While you're at Media Angels, Inc., be sure to check out their assortment of other books, homeschool help DVDs, and creation science materials.


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