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Thursday, November 27, 2008

My son is a teenager!!!!

I am old...I feel like Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday, "I'm like the Crypt keeper!!!" My baby boy is now thirteen.

He had a great party...lots of Rockband..."Club Nick" (our transformed garage)....a few guys to sleep over...and 6 pizzas, 5 cokes, 1 cake, and a tub of ice cream all gone in less than one evening. ;) Did someone tell me teen boys have big appetites?
Guests were the Ware family, the Boyds, the Fosters, and the Steiners. Some of the adults tried out Rockband. Our drum skills were way lacking. But it was loads of fun.

Club Nick had guitars, a keyboard, an amp, a disco light, some black lights, loud music, and room to skate. It worked out great with the addition of a kerosene heater.

Happy Birthday Nick!

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