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Thursday, November 6, 2008

TOS review for www.Helpme2teach.com

I had the chance to review a website aimed at educators called www.Helpme2teach.com and am finally getting around to writing a little about it.

Helpme2teach is a website directory, if you will, of online teaching aids and links to educational websites. The websites are organized into groups of links by category, such as topics like "animals" or subjects like "math" or grade levels such as "preschool". When you click on a link, you'll find lots of sites to go to to get more information about your topic.

I can look for educational worksheets for my preschooler, then visit a site on oceans with my third grader who is completing a unit study, and later visit some driver's ed. sites with my eighth grader.

How this site benefits educators is simple: it saves us time! How many times do we need a little review sheet to go with our topic, or some online learning to boost our thematic units? Maybe we want to make a quiz using one of the online test-makers but can't recall the best ones. The Internet is a vast pool of information, but for an already busy teacher or homeschooling mother, finding the time to sift through the endless search results to pull out the good stuff, the really thorough, truly educational sites involves more time and effort than we can sometimes muster.

So if you find yourself needing information on a particular subject, topic, or for a certain age/grade, before you hit Google, sit down with your steaming coffee and try www.Helpme2teach.com to see if you can find what you need there, faster.

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