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Monday, September 23, 2013

Caramel Banana Pie

 We had a homecoming meal at church yesterday and there is always such good food! Church dinners are the best dinners around. Such a variety of items to fit even the most picky eater. And there is always something new being offered up on the buffet table.  So it's a lot of fun to sample and taste-test all the new flavors and dishes. Yesterday did not disappoint.

 There were two new dishes I tried; one was a slaw of some sort with pineapple chunks but I missed the recipe on that one. The other is a delicious pie made by my pastor's wife, which I did catch, and am posting now. Good. For you.

 Drum roll please...Caramel Banana Pie. Or as Pennywisecook.com calls it, Banoffee Pie. Her recipe is so good and simple, that I will now direct you to her blog to test it for yourself. She also tells why the pie was called Banoffee and where it originated from, so it's kind of neat to get in a little culture and trivia to boot.
The only differences one might make in her recipe is to use already-caramelized sweetened condensed milk instead of cooking the can of SCM 2-plus hours until it turns into caramel. The cost of using the already-made caramel stuff might out-weight the amount of time spent cooking, as one tiny can of Nestle's La Lechera dulce de leche set me back close to $5.00! Geez, that's pretty pricey. And using an already-made graham cracker crust cuts a little off the prep time.

 So without further delay (because I know you're wanting to make this recipe for your very own), here is the link to the pie:

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