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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Product review: Rimmel's 25 hour-Lasting Finish Foundation

  I have been stuck in hot, humid TN for too long. Don't get me wrong; I love TN. Can't think of any other state I'd want to live in except maybe North Carolina...or Virginia...or Massachusettes. Okay, so I do like a few other places. But I love the TN mountains, the trees, the green all around. But man, in the summer, an 85 degree day can feel like 110 degrees and the humidity hits your face like a soggy sponge as soon as you leave the air conditioned comfort of home or vehicle.

 I also work in a daycare and we spend a good portion of our day outside. Now we don't stay out when it's too hot, mind you, but too hot for my body is pretty much year round, every day. I kind of go to extremes...when I'm hot, I'm SWELTERING. And when I'm cold, I'm FREEZING. So when everyone else is enjoying the playground, I am roasting. And there goes my makeup. :( So annoying! UGH! Why bother, you know? Well, last week I reviewed a product called Sweat Block Pads, which you can find in another post. And they seem to be helping cut down on the sweat factor. But I wanted to get some good makeup too, and see if that helps. I went to my local Walmart (where else?) and cruised the makeup aisle. I read labels as fast as my husband and 8-year old would let me, and decided to try the Rimmel based on one thing...the label says it lasts for 25 hours. Wow, there aren't even that many hours in a day so this stuff MUST be great, right?!!

 I picked out the lightest color I could find (Ivory 100, which still looked dark to me, a very ivory kind of gal), and brought it home. Truthfully, I don't know the price because I lost the receipt and didn't care about the price as long as it performed for 25 hours. So I'm not much help to you there. ;)

 First thing I noticed is how dark the makeup appeared in the tube, but when I got it on, it wasn't dark at all. And the smell is very heavenly...light, clean, some sort of lemon-ish scent perhaps. I like the scent a lot. The texture felt kind of heavy until I started spreading it out, then it felt more light-weight.

 I barely sweated since I've been wearing this all week due to a little cold snap that we suddenly decided to have. But it seems to stay on pretty well. How it would handle in severe heat and humidity I'm not sure, although the back of the tube says it's sweat and humidity-proof. Now as to it lasting 25 hours...well, when I remove my makeup at night on a pad, there is a lot of foundation on that pad so I am feeling like it is lasting on most of my face from 6:30 am until 10 pm (the normal skin zone anyway). But the oily zone, if you're like me and have one, will appear shiny after 2-3 hours. I can't ever find a makeup that controls shine the way I'd like. But recall, I bought this one to last, not necessarily to stop my radiant glowing.

 So far I am satisfied enough with the product that I would likely purchase it again. But I'd like to hear from ladies who have worn it in extreme heat and humidity and see what you think.


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