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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sweat Block: part 1 of the product review series

  Today I'll be posting a product review on my blog. There are three new products (well, new to me) that I am trying and I will give my honest opinion on here as I have time. I don't get reimbursed or compensated in any way for these posts (although I'd gladly do more reviews, dear sponsors, who just might be reading).

The first product on my review list is called Sweat Block.
Sweat Block pads are like baby wipes, each sealed in its own pouch. The goal of a sweat block pad is pretty obvious. But what ingredients are they made of, are they easy to use, and most importantly, do they actually work?

 I purchased my box of Sweat Block pads at my local Walmart at a cost of about $7 for my pack of 5, which is a 5-week supply. The only active ingredient listed is 14% aluminum chloride.  Now I don't usually spend money on things which I consider frivolous (and yes, it seems as though $7 deodorant might fall into that category), but when you are desperate, you will try just about anything. 

 I have always been a hot-natured person and unfortunately, this nature likes to manifest its ugly self right onto my face. Even when I was a tall, skinny-minny, 117-pound high school senior, I was hot-natured. My outdoor senior photos were shot at Fall Creek Falls State Park, and in them, there is a lovely shine, eh, glow, on my face. :(  I tend to be miserable beyond belief in the muggy TN summers we have, and even in the freezing winter, I can still break a sweat. I attribute it to a mixture of weight gain, nerves, and likely hyperhidrosis, which I'll probably get checked out one day. 

   So back to the pads...the instructions are simple: you wait until a time when your sweat glands won't be very active for 4-5 hours (such as overnight) and you press, not rub, a fresh pad onto clean, dry skin. So after my shower on Sunday evening, I went for it, and tore open the first pad. Only I did something a little differently (and I am certainly not endorsing trying this at home) but I pressed a bit onto my face first. Then I used it on my under arms and other spots prone to sweat when I'm standing on the playground at work. Now let me make it clear also that nowhere on the package does it say to use anywhere except the under arm area. So what I did could have been disastrous considering I have developed so many new allergic reactions to various soaps and lotions this past year. But I am sick of intense sweating and I did it anyway. I figured the worst that would happen is I'd swell up, break out into a rash, and look like the teacher from the Black Lagoon on my first day in my new classroom come Monday morning.

  I felt a tingling, tightening sensation on my skin after use, but it wasn't really unpleasant or unbearable. The package warns one might experience itching after use, which I was kind of scared of, because these new allergies have caused me to have insane daily itching in the past year. Lo and behold, I never experienced any itching from using the product.

 So that's the low-down on the application. But how does it work?

 I spent Monday morning in my new classroom at work. I was a bit nervous in anticipation of the new class and how the day would go. I could feel my body heating up, but I didn't feel like I was sweating a lot. We took our classes out on the playground to play before the mid-day heat kicked in. It was only in the low 80's and not particularly muggy, but even still, I will break a massive sweat on the playground. I mean massive...and my face gets the brunt of it with my makeup sliding off and making me look clammy and sick within minutes. Not on Monday. I sweated a bit on the playground but overall, it wasn't horrible as usual. I caught myself dabbing my face a bit once or twice, but I wasn't pouring or dripping, which is always a good sign.

 This is day 2 and I'm off work, sitting home blogging (er, I mean, studying, yeah studying), so its nice and cool inside and my Sweat Block hasn't gotten a full workout today. But tomorrow will be another day in my busy pre-k classroom and a fun trip to the playground. I will see how the next few days goes and keep you posted. 

 Meanwhile, let me hear from you. Have you tried Sweat Block and how did it work for you?

Come back later on in the week to see my reviews of Hard Candy's Sheer Envy Skin Perfecting Primer and Rimmel's Lasting Finish 25-Hour Foundation.



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